Advertisements CRA PRAN Statement of Transaction allow you to see your PRAN Holding Statement, Transaction Statement, Transaction statement 2
1. Login to with your 12 digit pran number and password.
2. Click on Transaction Button as shown below:
3. A window as shown above will appear>> in this window click on Generate Statement you will get statement as shown in following screen shot
4. You may take print of this statement. by clicking on print image near the right upper corner of the window where the contents start. 
Please do not share Password or Account number on this blog.

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  1. ys rathore Pan no 110011430566 is not pan kit issue ?

  2. PRAN Kit against Account No.110021307311 in the name of SH. Gopal Chand, JBT, posted at Govt. Primary School Samanu, Bl;ock Krishangarh, District Solan despite the fact that the deduction towards EPF is being made regularly since last many years

  3. i havent get pran no at 2011 i reapply for pran kit but department issue second ppa no so hows possible ? nobody support so what can i do ? cra_nsdl no complain dash board and f&q


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